Access Hatches

Weafer Interiors are delighted to offer a wide range of market-leading access panels to suit all types of ceiling and wall systems.

Our panels are designed to allow easy entry into ceiling voids and cavities where services, controls etc., need to be readily accessible for maintenance or emergency procedures.

We can also supply a wide range of pressed sheet metal products for use in ceiling and wall systems such as curved angle trim, curved shadow gap trim, column rings, special ceiling tiles, architectural sections and other special sections. A free design service is available for all types of pressed sheet metal fabrications, for more information please contact our technical department.

Our supplier , Access Panels Direct holds the ISO 9001 quality assurance registration, which is the internationally recognised standard for an organisations internal Quality Management. An organisations “Quality Management” refers to an organisations actions to ensure that its services satisfy customers’ quality requirements.

Some of our recent projects which have incorporated some of our Dual Purpose, Air Tight and Fire Rated panels include , The new PICU unit at Our Ladies Hospital, Crumlin , and the New Cork Medical Centre at City Gate Business Park, Mahon, Cork.